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Service agreement

When you select an operating lease with LeasePlus, we take care of the installation and ongoing service of your equipment. If the equipment breaks down or malfunctions then we will assess the best course of action from on-site repair, to loan equipment while we repair through to complete replacement. This does not, however, include any intentional damage or theft.

With a LeasePlus operating lease, at the end of the term, you can easily arrange with us to replace the item or equipment with a new item or model to keep your business looking and feeling fresh, up to date, efficient and competitive (a new contract will need to be entered into).

Operations Consulting

After an initial fact-finding conversation with our clients, we will arrange a site visit and establish in more detail how best LeasePlus can help. We will explain the advantages of leasing and how that feeds in to the establishments overall business plan. We will discuss the best product solutions, helping our customers choose from their prefered brands and suppliers and getting them the best deals.

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Service promise

Your peace of mind

LeasePlus offers you a stress-free service from purchase through to transport, installation and maintenance of the products we supply.

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Swap-outs and Loans

LeasePlus will swap-out and/or loan equipment in the case of a breakdown, or as part of regular servicing routines.

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Tech and product advice

LeasePlus will answer any operational questions or upgrade option queries you may have.

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Whether you want to lease just one item, a few, or develop an entire business finance strategy with LeasePlus, browse through our product ranges to see the possibilities we open to you...

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