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Sample Lease Products Catalogue

Browse through our sample accommodation and hospitality product ranges to see what you might need to purchase or replace. Call us on 0800 800-325 with orders or queries.

Kitchen & Laundry

Lease Kitchen & Laundry

Fit-out or refit your kitchen, laundry and cold storage with the latest appliances.


Lease TVs

Keep your establishment up to date with latest quality screens.

PC & Hardware

Lease PC & Hardware

Always have the latest PCs, tablets and phones with flexible contracts.

Food Service

Lease Food Service

Fit-out or refit your establishment with new presentation cabinetry.


Lease Audio

Fit-out or refit your establishment with the latest sound systems.


Lease Furniture

Establish or upgrade your establishments furnishings - design your spaces and we will help you realise that vision.

Office & Conference

Lease Office & Conference

Establish or upgrade your establishments function or conference facilities.


Lease Miscellaneous

Test us! LeasePlus can help supply anything your business requires, from angle grinders to vacuum cleaners.

Did you know?

LeasePlus offers a stress-free service, from purchase, delivery, installation and ongoing support.

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LeasePlus will swap-out and/or loan equipment in the case of a breakdown, or as part of regular servicing routines.

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LeasePlus has experts available to answer any technical or operation queries customers may have from time to time.

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