Focused finance for hospitality
and accommodation businesses

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Leasing to ease your service and
maintenance worries

Lease and we will transport, install, maintain and service the products we supply through our network of experienced technicians.

Leasing to drive your business

Lease and don't miss an opportunity. Enable your business to stay agile and thrive, get what you need when you need it.

Leasing to keep your finances fluid

Lease and save your capital for other projects, smooth your cash-flow and take advantage of easy low set-up criteria.

Leasing to keep your establishment
up to date

Lease and affordably fit-out with the latest equipment, furniture and fittings to stand out in a competitive market - don't be an outdated or tired establishment.

Leasing to make your business
more tax efficient

Lease installments are a fully deductible operating expense offering tax benefits and efficiencies.

Leasing to achieve your vision

Lease and immediately have the products, furniture and equipment your business needs to be successful and grow.

Sample Lease Products Catalogue

Browse through our sample accommodation and hospitality product ranges to see what you might need to purchase or replace.
Call us on 0800 800-325 with orders or queries.

Lease Kitchen & Laundry
Lease Kitchen & Laundry

Fit-out or refit your kitchen, laundry and cold storage with the latest appliances.

Lease TVs
Lease TVs

Keep your establishment up to date with latest quality screens.

Lease PC & Hardware
Lease PC & Hardware

Always have the latest PCs, tablets and phones with flexible contracts.

Lease Food Service
Lease Food Service

Fit-out or refit your establishment with new presentation cabinetry.

Lease Audio
Lease Audio

Fit-out or refit your establishment with the latest sound systems.

Lease Furniture
Lease Furniture

Establish or upgrade your establishments furnishings - design your spaces and we will help you realise that vision.

Lease Office & Conference
Lease Office & Conference

Establish or upgrade your establishments function or conference facilities.

Lease Miscellaneous
Lease Miscellaneous

Test us! LeasePlus can help supply anything your business requires, from angle grinders to vacuum cleaners.

Whether you want to lease just one item, a few or develop a whole business finance strategy with LeasePlus, browse through our product ranges to see the possibilities we open to you.

Why LeasePlus

LeasePlus offers you a straightforward and cost-effective means to get the equipment, furniture and fittings you need when you need them, without the obstacles that other financing can throw up.

Small outlay for big returns

Major improvements to fit-out levels for a small cost per month through LeasePlus can be used to drive greater occupancy and returns for your business.

Staying ahead and looking good

Leasing can help keep your business competitive. At the end a lease period you can simply update with new furniture, beds, TV's and appliances etc. to stay completely up to date. Meet with ever increasing customer expectations and maintain good online ratings.

Understanding your business

With over 25 year's experience in leasing to the accommodation and hospitality industry we know how to deliver the products your business needs at a cost you will be happy with.

Save your capital

Leasing frees up valuable capital for investment elsewhere in your business and smooths your cash flow cycle.

Save on tax

Leasing makes good tax sense. Repayments are a fully deductible operating expense with tax advantages and efficiencies you can discuss with your accountant.

Save your looks

Is your establishment getting tired? Refit with new furniture, beds, TV's and appliances etc. regularly to stay up to date, to meet customer expectations and maintain good online ratings.

Save yourself headaches

Full maintenance and service of products is covered by LeasePlus if required.

We offer more than just TVs and whiteware

We give you access to a huge range of hospitality and accommodation equipment, from Eftpos and front of house admin IT systems to BBQs and spa baths. Call us on 0800 800-325 and we can help you find what you need.

Get In-Touch
Great LeasePlus deals

We deal direct with the manufacturers of TV's, beds, whiteware and digital signage etc. to get the best prices and deliver our customers great deals.

Focus on specialist equipment

We work with the top brand suppliers to the hospitality and accommodation industry and can source specialist equipment at the best prices.

Easy Flexible Smart

The LeasePlus advantage

  • We listen when banks may not
  • Banks like to lend against property not assets and cashflow
  • Simple and quick approval process
  • Leasing enables you to get what you need without waiting
  • Lease payments are a business expense and tax deducible
  • Planning - you can plan your cashflow with confidence
  • Improved liquidity - less capital committed, more free cash
  • Select terms that suits you - longer term, smaller payments
  • Be the best in the market with a fraction of the outlay
  • Upgrade regularly - stay competitive

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